What is healing? What is Serenity Surrender?


Even though physics, through Einstein’s theory of Relativity, has explained that all of us are made up of energy, as are all the other things around us, we often view our bodies as a solid object which exists only in the physical form.

The basic fundamentalof Serenity Surrender and most healing modalities is that the mind, which is a subtle body, is in charge of us, our thoughts, our behaviour and ultimately our actions.

Healing addresses and works with the subtle bodies of energy around the physical body i.e. the mind or the aura. The mind carries all our experiences, our beliefs and anything we download from the external stimuli and does not forget. However not all of it is accessible to us at all points in time, this is to prevent an overload in the life that we live. Yet it is very accessible and by accessing it – we can work to resolve any negative experiences it may still be harbouring.This leads to a change in behaviour or resolution of physical symptoms felt by you. This process of working with the subconscious mind is called “Healing”.

A holistic approach to dealing with issues can be achieved through healing. Medically our focus is only the physical body and more often than not, we deal with the resolution of symptoms and we do not focus on the root cause of the problem. The holistic approach resolves the root issues along with focusing on balancing the energy of the body. If there is no imbalance, it enables you to live an effective and complete life.

Impact of Karma and how it can be resolved today

Karma as a term is understood by most of us, it is a resulting reaction to any action you take in your lives and maybe good or bad based on the action. This is a limited understanding of Karma and how it really works. Through Serenity Surrender we are able to explore and address the Karmic cycles you have experienced and identify where a resolution is required. While Karma may stem from action, its imprint is left in the mind and resolving it at the mind level can lead to a variety of beneficial changes in the life we experience.

Understanding Past Lives and their impact

Now,as we are living our lives and are focussed on the present moment, every aspect of our past combines to make us who we are. It is an amalgamation of all our experiences, all our thoughts and actions to this point, which has shaped us as individuals. What we do not realise is that we carry all of these experiences to every moment we live and if some of those experiences are traumatic or harmful, our new experiences tend to be coloured by these events. Not only do we carry the experiences from this life time – we also carry a plethora of experiences from many past lives. For the cynic, this may seem far-fetched but if you look at research you will realise that almost all of us – experience and learn from past lives. Karma transcends lifetimes purely because its root exists in the mind, the mind is an energy body and hence does not change unlike the physical body we have. Each past life brings forth a learning and understanding of who we are and why certain things we experience do not have a valid explanation in this current life. Through Serenity Surrender it is possible to let go of previous Karmic Lifetimes and resolve them so that you are free of this past as you forge ahead with your current life.

Benefits of Serenity Surrender

What can be resolved through healing? Issues all stem from our thoughts – every single thing that happens to us is because of a thought which our mind puts forward. Once this awareness has come to an individual, they are empowered to resolve any issue which bothers them. A healer’s role is to facilitate and navigatea client to the point where a thought impactedtheir reality negatively. This is a very effective mechanism for resolving issues. Issues such as relationships with spouse, family, authority figures and self can be resolved. Issues related to missing resources such as lack of motivation, lack of courage or confidence etc. can be resolved. Physical ailments and chronic pain, approach to finances and money, depression and suicidal tendencies, anxiety, stress and many more issues can be resolved. I personally have worked on many such cases and led clients to complete resolution.

Resolution and more

I have worked with clients who come to me with issues relating to a failed marriage – as we start out resolving and clearing the issue, of just this relationship, the client discovered many resources which they were lacking in – love, confidence and self-worth.Through the process of understanding the failed marriage,the client understands much more about themselves.

Similarly working with chronic pain with one of my clients, I was able to guide them through to the moment where the root cause for the pain was a deep rooted karmic memory.Along with that memory, there were also another set of issues which existed but had not been triggered in this life time. By working on the resolution of the pain he was experiencing,the client was able to resolve multiple other issues and bring back with him a much broader understanding of his own life.

Most of us are stuck looking through the lens of what we have been conditioned to understand -the belief that the physical body functions in isolation. As individuals it is important that we start noticing the world around us from an aware and clear state and take action towards our own wellness.

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