Do any of these sound familiar?

Ready to Start

I have completed my training and am ready to be a practitioner – But I don’t know how to start

Establishing Your Practice

I am a great practitioner but how do I get people to know the value I provide and reach more clients?

Limited Marketing Time

How do I manage my own marketing as well as see clients – I only have limited time

Resource Optimization

How can I take out the time to write content and manage social media and then also see clients?

Unaffordable marketing

I cannot afford to hire a full time Social Media Manager and a content writer

Relevant Content

My content writer does not understand how to present my work and thoughts

Lisa Dorcher

The team is easy to work with and all my deliverables come to me on time, they are open to changes and a discussion regarding the content. The best thing is that they document the case I have done by taking a brief for me and then build the article – It’s great for me to position to my clients.

Pallavi Srivastava

WellthLink has been a great support on my journey as a wellness professional. It has helped me establish my individual brand, as well as helped me to reach out to a set of new people who are looking for therapist’s services. The team at Wellthlink also worked with me to develop my marketing strategy that helped me reach out to a wider audience. It has been a great experience for me. They always deliver on time and the quality is perfect.

Who should use our services?

Are you a Wellness Practitioner who is setting up a practice and wants to grow rapidly?

If you are a trained practitioner just starting out, we can give you that edge to build up your visibility and credibility, in a structured, sustained and effortless manner. Sign up with us, and start your growth in marketing as a practitioner with Wellthlink.

Are you a wellness practitioner, who is looking to build on their existing practice?

As a credible practitioner you understand how difficult it is to keep your visibility high and constantly reinforce your message to your potential clients, we can reduce the effort you need to put in and add value to the process you are following.

Are you part of an Organisation offering wellness services?

As a credible practitioner you understand how difficult it is to keep your visibility high and constantly reinforce your message to your potential clients, we can reduce the effort you need to put in and add value to the process you are following.


Blossom Furtado

This one of a kind platform is creating awareness on Therapeutic Practitioners, Alternative Interventions along with career training. Their content is fantastic and of a very high quality. It saves me a lot of time and keeps me visible.I love the fact that it shares content and case studies and offers to provide relevant advice while one enquires on specific therapeutic processes and schedule appointments.

Denis Kalwainth

The content is clear and of a high quality, it works well for me so that I don’t have to worry about the content being created, any changes are taken care of quickly. While a content strategy doesn’t ensure clients immediately, WellthLink’s services help me keep on track to building up my brand.

What will You Get?

Delivery Calendar

  • Constant Visibility
  • Unique and Customized
  • Disciplined Reinforcement of your brand

Our experts will work with you to establish a unique and customized calendar of deliverables as you sign up with us. On a weekly basis with defined dates you will receive deliverable from us in your mailbox without fail. This will give you a clear content road map for your brand.

Articles – Cases – Success Stories

You will get an extremely well researched, customised(based on your point of view, relevant and specific article attributed to you and created in consultation with you, in your email box, that too with a time investment of less than 20 minutes from you.

  • Beautifully Written
  • Topic and issue specific
  • Based on your case details
  • Story like format
  • Researched and created by experts

Creatives to use on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn

  • Related to your practice
  • Specific to issues you address
  • Delivered to your mailbox
  • Quotes

You will also get creatives relevant to your practice – which will be beautifully designed and branded with your organisation or practice. Messaging and engaging with your audience through these creatives is essential, you will have something which you can share with your potential clients – which adds value to them and showcases your service at the same time.

Why Us

  • We ensure that that the service we offer is unique and you will not find this anywhere else, additionally each piece of content is carefully curated and built to suit your practice .
  • Your time investment and level of involvement is determined entirely by you and most times you will not even need to spend time with us to explain the nuances of your practice
  • Our value proposition in terms of financial and time investment from you is unmatchable. The returns on investment include visibility, credibility, and more clients walking through!
  • We understand Holistic Wellness and the way it needs to be positioned with potential clients and how it must not be marketed overzealous but with a certain subtlety.
  • It helps you document the great work you are doing and showcase it in the form of Stories which are appreciated by potential clients and individuals looking for a solution.

Your other options?

  • You could continue to wait without taking action and hope that clients will come to you.
  • You could hire a social media / content company to do this work for you at 10X times the price and at a fraction of the quality that is delivered. Also you would be spending most of your time explaining to them what needs to get done.
  • You could try to do it all yourself and end up spending more time on this than the actual work, working with clients, which you love to do
  • You could spend 1,000’s of $$$ a month trying to advertise and market yourself without really making any real progress
  • While these are genuine options – they are either too expensive or will not get you to where you want to be. Engage with us and explore the potential of content for your practice

Still not convinced ?

Do leave your details with us, we will send you a sample of our work and call you to explain how we can help, you will not regret it

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