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Neuro Linguistic Programming establishes a connection between the three components, namely neurological processes, language, and programming or experiencing things in life and basing behavioural patterns on the experience gained. The individual in a way leads on to solving issues and achieve specific goals.

In much more simpler terms, NLP is concerned with how a person organizes himself in terms of his thought processes, feelings, proxemics, and kinetics, and how does that drive him to perform and produce results. Of each information that we receive from the outside world, the three components, namely neurological processes which filter the information received, the linguistic process which attaches a meaning to that information, and the behaviour or the experience which comes out because of the filtering and linguistic processes.

NLP as an alternative healing method is proven to have cured a lot of diseases as well as significant health and internal issues like phobias, depression, allergy, sleep disorders and much more. NLP is necessary for a self-development and proper communication process. It is also used for psychic healing as well as personality development processes.