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Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing is an ancient technique, used to treat physical as well as psychological ailments and diseases, and serves on the theory that crystals can channelize energy in an individual. It acts as a process of inner healing.

Crystals can be used as medicinal substances, and many people believe they can be used to hold associations with the physical and emotional reactions of a person. The crystal healing practitioner places the crystals on the body on the individual’s body, or around the individual to create a positive aura. Crystals are believed to hold electromagnetic charges, which can be used to balance the energy in the right direction. The colour, composition, and the form of every healing crystal gives it the ability to be unique in its healing processes.

Crystal healing therapy can function as an effective alternative healing technique, depending on how different individuals react to it. While some people can experience positive endurance through this method, some people do not experience significant energy from the therapy. The therapy, however, aims to empower individuals as well as to assist them in their negative associations and immunity functions.