How can Self Hypnosis help you?


Wouldn’t it be great if there was a technique which gave you the ability to shut off from the outside world and help you work on the aspects, qualities, resources you want to build up in yourself?

Words such as “I am not confident”, I don’t express myself”, “I can’t focus”, “I can’t find happiness”, “I’m always tired” – take up most of our thoughts and inevitably become our reality.

Each of these statements is about an internal resource which each of us possess. But most of the times we forget that we can draw these resources out and use them and let life continue to affect our thoughts, emotions and actions. Each of us as a unique being uses these resources in varying degrees and do not understand that how much we use these internal resources is completely up to us.

Now I ask you the question? Can any of these statements be rectified through external forces? Can someone else come and give you confidence, can something else help you focus more? At the risk of repeating the “Wizard of Oz” storyline – I will venture and say that there are many opportunities we have to fix these issues for ourselves, most of them we are just unwilling to do anything about it.

Now going back to a great technique which can help me resolve issues similar to those mentioned above and many more – Self Hypnosis is one such fantastic tool which you can use – just twice a day for 5 minutes each and you will start to see a stark difference in your life. With self-hypnosis you can work to restore and enhance your current resources.

Self-hypnosis is one of the shortest route to self-development since it is not dependent on any external source just your willingness and belief. Hypnosis bypasses the layer of doubt, reservations and cynicism we have and helps us communicate directly with the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind accepts the suggestions you give it and gets to work almost immediately.

Self-Hypnosis works on the principle of association and repetition – you associate keywords and a particular space where you sit to accessing the subconscious and as you do that you repeat your affirmation. An affirmation is simply a suggestion sentence which you use to reinforce the resources you need at this moment. An example would be “I am confident, courageous, focused and motivated at all times”

The absolute key to doing this is belief, mindfulness and repetition. The stories I hear about the level of transformation individuals go through just using a simple affirmation are truly amazing.

What do you think? Simple and effective option now the question is, are you willing to try it?

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