Pranic Healing and Self-Esteem


Do you feel you live with doubt? Do you sometimes wonder whether you deserve what you have and even more so what you want? These signs while many of us have experience it are signs of a low self-esteem. We keep asking the questions of ourselves – Are we competent, are we smart enough or are we successful enough. We constantly worry about what others are thinking about us and how they perceive us. But the fact is that we are our own worst critics. We waste our energy in continuously thinking about the doubts without getting into action. As a result, we are exposed to stress and negative feelings in our life.

Due to negative feelings and their effect, we start tend to lack the confidence we need in our life. It reflects in everything we do. The way we feel, the way we walk and the way we communicate. Negativity can snowball very quickly around us. Heavy self-criticism and dissatisfactions are sign of low self –esteem.

Self-esteem is defined as the confidence in our abilities, in our approach and in our perspective. Self-esteem is an important aspect of leading a happy and confident life. Self-esteem is important when forming a positive and healthy relationship with people around us. Not all of us have the same levels self-esteem. It varies from person to person based on the different experiences we have had and how they impacted us.

There are three types of self-esteem:

Inflated Self-esteem: People with inflated self-esteem think that they are superior to others around them. They tend to underestimate others and sometimes may overestimate their abilities.

High self-esteem: This is healthy self-esteem; these individuals accept and value themselves. This ensures their approach is more positive and balanced and it helps achieve a high level of satisfaction in life.

Low self-esteem: People with low self-esteem are characterized by low confidence, timidity, lack of belief, typically low on energy, they do not trust themselves and they do not trust in their own abilities.

Pranic Healing as an energy balancing therapy can play an important role in improving and enhancing self-esteem. It is a tool that raises your vibrations towards higher states of awareness and expands the level of consciousness. Pranic healing enables energy to flow through you and flush out any blocks and unwanted energies in your system so that you can find a new you.

Twin heart meditation removes negative emotions from your heart and your mind becomes clear and emotions more refined. When you become more in touch with yourself, you start to build up your belief systems and confidence.

By practicing Pranic Healing, you can enhance self-esteem as it cleanses the aura around you. You gradually start feeling positive from inside and radiate that feeling in all your actions.

May be you do not consider yourself a spiritual person and think that meditation is something that doesn’t help you. But when you include meditation in your life, you begin to understand that there is someone who is listening and speaking back. It is your higher self – the deeper version of you – you call it your mind or your inner voice. Your inners self is all powerful and has all the answers because it believes that there is no limit, no doubt, no expectation, only love and perfection.

The only way is through deep meditation and energy cleansing. This is a tool which opens the circuit board of communication. Through meditation you get answers which will enhance your self-confidence. Your higher self can give you solutions, direction, guidance, acceptance, appreciation and attention without you depending on it from the outside thereby completing you and building up your self esteem.

Role of Chakras in enhancing self-esteem.

There are seven main energy centers in your body which run vertically to your spine and have ability to empower you.

Root chakra: The Root chakra provides the feeling of being grounded. A balanced root chakra helps you to adapt yourself to any unstable situation. External change will no longer trigger anxiety and stress in you. Transformation becomes exciting and easy.

Sacral chakra: If your sacral chakra is imbalanced or is blocked, the outcome can be challenging. It leads to limited analytical ability when responding to situations. When it is balanced, it can provide you with enhanced creativity and clarity as well as focus.

Solar Chakra: A balanced solar chakra can provide the power you desire to accomplish anything in life. It enhances strong sense of will and ability to achieve anything in your life. This is the Chakra which truly drives self confidence and self-esteem.

Heart chakra: Heart chakra is responsible for love and confidence. If you love your higher self, the thoughts and words of others have no impact on you.

Throat Chakra: Communication comes from the throat chakra. It seems that you have communicated with your higher self about your need and want. Once you have done this, the ability to clearly express and communicate with those around you will be greatly enhanced.

Third Eye: This chakra sees beyond your imagination, the third eye sees that which you cannot see with your physical eye. This gives you the ability to have a vision and to plan and focus on your purpose and goals.

Crown Chakra: Complete connection to the higher self. When the crown and third eye are clear, there is no self-hate, there is only love and affection. You may feel as though a force outside yourself is guiding you.

There are various techniques for chakra balancing and chakra balancing can help you enhance self-esteem.



Using colors that correspond with each chakra

Cleansing past blockage through self-reflection

Affirmations and Sutras

Together these chakras maintain good health and overall wellbeing. It is important in all spheres of life. It is imperative for us to realize that our physical forms are just a dimension of our being. It is better to connect with ourselves so that there is peace and harmony all around. By focusing on these aspects you will be able to rejuvenate yourself and bring your self-esteem up to a level where it will truly serve you towards your success.

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