Understanding Hypnotherapy


Hypnotherapy is a form of suggestion given to the subconscious mind so as to bring about a positive change in behavioural patterns. The Client experiences a heightened state of relaxation and accesses their subconscious mind – while in complete control of their responses. By accessing the subconscious a therapist can facilitate the individual to access the reasons for their ailments and use the power of suggestion to help them overcome the issues.
Different techniques of Hypnotherapy are:
• Self Hypnosis – for affirmative and behavioural change of self
• Subconscious mind suggestibility
• Regression therapy
• Inner child resolutions
• Dream Interpretation

These are some types of therapies and they use different methods to deal with certain problems that could really be solved only through this.
Some Examples where Hypnotherapy can help:
Hypno-birthing – Preparing a mother for childbirth and dealing with the pain at the time of birth.Most first time mothers feel fear and therefore need to be relaxed as they start the process. Hypnotherapy is a helpful tool to work with and have a great experience
Addiction – Hypnotherapy is very powerful in addressing Addiction concerns it can enhance an individuals will power to give up the addiction and also help in getting a broader understanding of how to resolve the addiction.If a client is truly willing Hypnotherapy can lead to fast and effective results.
Depression, anxiety and stress management – These are issues which individuals deal with, without even realising the detrimental effect they have on lives. Hypnotherapy helps them understand the cause behind it and instil the courage to deal with the situation that earlier seemed insurmountable. The therapy helps a person have a better look at life, a positive one which helps in long run.
Fears and Phobias – Dealing with fears and phobias is another thing that people find difficult to deal with especially when it is with something that is present in our daily lives. Hypnotherapy can particularly help with such issues. It is simply navigating to the cause of the fear and then dealing with it so that the client does not let it affect them in the present. Claustrophobia, Fear of heights, Agoraphobia and many more can be resolved.
Eating Disorders – Anorexia and Bulimia can also be resolved through hypnotherapy. The therapy helps the client determine the reason and understanding of the issue at hand and also helps them see a different point of view to resolve these issues.
An experiment in New York proved that it takes close to an hour to overcome fears and phobias such as fear of heights, cockroaches and also deal with severe problems such as overeating.

In fact people have provided really good responses after having gone through the procedure where they were initially consuming alcohol to deal with situations but after the therapy they have not touched alcohol and feel positive towards life.

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