Reiki healing session – 7 Reasons why you should do it


Living in a thriving metropolis comes with its unique set of challenges. While we enjoy the infrastructure and opportunities, our mind and body register certain shifts and changes that drastically affect our physical and mental health. Few will disagree with the fact that our lifestyle is such that we need to be in touch with our innermost self in order to continue functioning productively in our given circumstances. How many times do we wish we had a few extra hours in a day for ourselves, family, for hobbies that have been forgotten, and such like. Keeping this is mind, reiki, a complementary healing modality, brings the awareness of the power that rests within us. Using a light, non-invasive touch, reiki healers beam positive energy into the body using symbols that enhance the flow. While we all understand energy, few amongst us truly call upon it to cope with our day-to-day challenges. From cuts to aches to dealing with illnesses such as panic attacks, reiki helps cleanse the body of negativity.

A Reiki healing session can:

  • Improve your state of mind – Relaxation is elusive for a lot of us. Life takes over and there are just so many things to get done that we don’t even take a minute for ourselves and relax. A reiki session lets you calm down, relax and unwind as you let go of the stress in your body and mind.
  • Reiki for emotional healing – Focusing on your emotions and releasing the negatives is essential to your overall well-being. Reiki involves balancing the energy, exploring and balancing your chakras and thereby leading to emotional healing and mind, body and energy balance.
  • Resolve pains and anxiety – By working with the energy body and the aura. Reiki services or healers can help remove blockages. By dealing with these blockages the symptoms of pain and anxiety also tend to fade away.
  • Gain focus and clarity – Through a reiki healing session, an individual can calm oneself to a state where clarity and focus can be achieved. By connecting with your inner self, you can get a new perspective on the challenges that you face and how to handle them.
  • Inner peace and spiritual healing – Reiki is an energy healing modality. Experiencing Reiki can put you in touch with your inner – higher self. Connecting with the macro leads to an intrinsic spiritual experience and further leads to an experience of pure bliss.
  • Immunity – We are actually quite unaware of what immunity really means. Our focus on immunity is mostly physical, what we tend to forget is that focusing on our mental and emotional body is essential. Reiki healing focusses on giving you well rounded immunity and overall wellness for a healthy life.
  • Find your calling and help others – Once you experience Reiki and its power, you may find being drawn to it and may want to learn more. Using it to help others resolve their issues can be a truly satisfying experience. You can always consider undertaking a Reiki training course and offering Reiki services if you wanted to.


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