Prana : The Essential Life Force


The Energy Body and Distance Healing

‘Life Energy or prana is all around us. It is pervasive; we are actually in an ocean of life energy.’

—Grand Master Choa Kok Sui

Prana: The Essential Life Force

Based on the principles of interconnectedness and directability, pranic healing, a new-age healing modality, works with the assumption that energy is the basis of all matter. Our thoughts, actions, beliefs, and emotions are actually energy waves that have the ability to change depending on the intensity of the intention.

Transformative Power of Energy

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed; rather, it transforms from one form to another’ (Einstein). Few amongst us realize the significance of this quote and what it can mean to us in our everyday lives. Pranic healing harnesses this transformative power of energy to turn negative outcomes into positive ones. Apart from health-related issues, this aspect of energy can also be used to turn deficit into abundance, anxiety into calmness, and failing interpersonal relationships into healthy, fulfilling ones.  Additionally, pranic healing also awakens ones to the slight shifts in one’s body, the auras surrounding the human body as well as the different energy centres, chakras, through which prana/life force enters.   

How Does Pranic Healing Work?

Using what is known as ‘universal energy’, pranic healing rectifies imbalances that occur in the body. It taps into this pervasive energy and then transfers it through the chakras/energy centres. Using a no-touch technique, pranic healing identifies, corrects, and replenishes the body with this vital life force that enhances healing. For example, while a healthy body has an abundance of prana, a sick body has depleted prana which needs to be replenished. An injury or a cut leads to a rapid loss of prana which can be rectified if positive energy is beamed without much delay.

The following are the benefits of pranic healing.

From the ordinary to the more serious, pranic healing can rectify many types of illnesses and afflictions. The following highlight some of the main troubles for which healing is sought:

  • Headaches, fevers, cuts, and injuries can be cured over a session or two;
  • Pain and discomfort as a result of major illnesses can be alleviated to a certain extent, in a few cases there has even been total recovery;
  • PH helps in enhancing strength and stamina;
  • Self-development is augmented;
  • Anxieties and stress-related afflictions are also greatly alleviated.

What Is Distance Healing: The Underlying Principle

I am sure we have all experienced instances where our frame of mind, be it happy or sad, has been influenced by those around us. According to quantum physics, the focus is on the interconnectedness of beings. All beings are woven together by the earth’s etheric energy and it is this that enables healing. By tapping into this vast and ever-present energy, wellness, be it physical or mental, is facilitated. Our thoughts have the capability of becoming matter. In this world of interconnected consciousness, everything can be healed with the proper use of energy. Given this, there is not much to describe how distance pranic healing works. Connected through the earth’s etheric energy, we as individuals can transfer positive thoughts, energy, and ideas. Essentially, imbalances in energy cause problems and we tend to realize this much later when our physical bodies begin manifesting the irregularities.

Since healer and patient are interconnected by the common life force, healing can take place at close proximity or even long distance. Due to this all-pervasive life force, it is possible to send and receive positive energy; this quality is unique to pranic healing, and many at first find it hard to believe. While it takes controlled meditation to attain that kind of focus wherein thoughts that travel turn into matter, the recipient must also be equally willing to receive the healing rays. It has been found that those who are completely relaxed during a session are the ones who benefit the most from it. Further stressing the interconnectedness of the method, distance healing can be administered on both humans and animals.  Since the energy is controlled by the mind, the healer as a necessary prerequisite must have sufficient experience in beaming positive rays and this, as has been proved, can cut across time and space.

For an effective distance-healing session, a healer must have the following qualities:

  • Should be in a positive frame of mind.
  • Should be able to focus on the etheric energy or the fundamental life force that surrounds us.
  • Should be able to create a mental picture of the recipient. This, however, is not specific to distance healing alone and can be used on healing taking place at close proximity.
  • Should be able to gauge the intensity of the recipient’s energy and to an extent control it so that the link at that point is strong enough to endure the transmission.
  • Should not insist distant pranic healing as a substitute for traditional medical treatment.

In my line of work I often hear how people do not have enough time for themselves and without doubt this is true! Given our demanding schedules, we rarely sit and ponder about the things that need to be rectified, and more specifically, the negative congestions that deplete the strength of aura. With distance pranic healing, receiving the required cure becomes very easy for those who are unable to come for a one-on-one session. This, for all practical purposes, is indeed the future of alternative methods of receiving and transmitting healing.



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