Phobias and Serenity Surrender


What are Phobias?

Phobias are best understood as inexplicable fears of things, places, objects, people, or animals. Even the best psychologists have not been able to explain why certain have phobias manifest and how best can these be resolved. Phobias are of many types, ranging from a fear of open spaces to fearing people or spiders. It can happen to anybody and those who have it testify to it being highly inconvenient if not crippling. Surely a fear of unknown origin, for which even a cure is difficult to get, can be devastating. In such cases it is important to remember that our mind, and specifically the subconscious mind, controls the way we think and feel. Everything we know, believe, and endorse is influenced by the subconscious mind and subsequently our actions, too, are guided by the same.

How Can Serenity Surrender Help?

Serenity Surrender (SS), a new-age healing modality that seeks to resolve issues at the core level, i.e. the point at which the problem started, believes that half the battle is won once there is due acknowledgement. The power of the mind is such that it knows when and how to begin healing once the self has accurately identified the issue. For example, an none are unaware of this, pain of any kind feels less intense if the mind is told (programming) not to focus on it; reason being, the more it registers pain the more it will tend to dwell on it. On the flip side, if the self is distracted or is told to believe otherwise then the pain seems less—nurses administering injections (also a phobia!) do it all the time.

SS also believes that most of which that holds us back in life stems from a past-life disturbance that has taken roots in the subconscious. Pains, fears, especially the so-called inexplicable ones, are the result of unpleasant occurrences that have not been resolved. In other words, events from our past lives that caused us deep distress in which ever shape or form and have not been adequately dealt with manifest as fears and phobias.

Knowing What to Do

Knowing is everything and with SS you can know what you truly want, feel, and must do in order to be happy and content. We attract the people and situations based on who we are what vibes we give. These in turn are dependent on our karma and how well we have closed our pending chapters, if at all. With regard to fears and phobia, we tend to fear that which is unknown or worse, project our past experience on to the future. Just because the last investment did not pay off is no reason to fear all future investments. With SS and using past-life regression, we can look in to such experiences and objectively see what went wrong. Viewing a situation for what it is by keeping the emotional side of it separate is essential in understanding what went wrong and why and, most importantly, to learn from it and let it go.

It does not matter if we fear something big or small or something tangible or intangible, what matters is how well we can defeat it and ensure our own happiness. SS does just that, it makes you conscious and aware in truest sense possible to look beyond your fears and become who you want to be.


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