Money Matters: Why Is It Important to Call It What It Is


Ambition versus Greed

‘Money is the root of all evil’; ‘money corrupts’; ‘cash corrupts the loyal’, are a few of the biased and unfair belief systems that have congealed around money. From an early age we taught to distrust money and by association distrust the people who have it and the attitude that wants more. What is even more damaging is the alternate belief system that we created to establish this bias. Having said this, and before going any further, let us pause to understand the difference between greed and ambition. While ambition is best understood as a drive to do better not just financially but in other spheres as well, greed is the complete lack of understanding of the value of what we have and the resulting inability to enjoy those assets. While ambition is closely associated with success, which may or may not include having large sums of money, greed is almost entirely selfish and wants more no matter what. In this binary, it is the mind that perceives money—either the lack of it or the healthy drive to earn more—and forms its opinion.

Saying What We Truly Feel: Why Is This Important?

Surprisingly, one of the biggest money matters that people face is not knowing how we truly feel about it. Since childhood we are taught to distrust it and how good and virtuous we are as people often, wrongly, relies on how well we project we don’t like money. However, and this where the confusion really becomes stark, in life it is important to earn money for numerous reasons. Marriages, families, confidence, to identify a few, weaken if there isn’t enough of it. To stress this point, how are we to help those in need if we ourselves don’t have enough of it? How, if our economy is ineffectual, are we to provide aid and help when disaster strikes? Why have so many farmers committed suicide; and why are so many of us unemployed? If money were the root all evil then, technically, its absence should have been the best-possible scenario. Clearly this is not the case and this is why the issue of money is so complicated—we don’t say what we feel.

Serenity Surrender (SS)—a new-age healing modality that looks to providing holistic solutions to problems, often starting with the belief that most of our concerns originate in our subconscious mind and are carry overs from our past lives—can and often is looked at as a way of life, best understood as a soul-searching mechanism with which we understand who we are and where we are going. Money is a sensitive topic; there are so many attitudes, beliefs, fears, and negative biases attached to it that pinning it down to a specific problem is difficult. What adds further complexity to it is that some of the biases are also true; for example, greed is very much a vice and too much ambition can be damaging. How then do we know when to draw the line and let go of an ambition that has the makings of becoming greed? The answer is not a secret and everyone who has thought about it knows it already. What everyone else calls a ‘middle ground’ is better known as understanding the ‘self’ amongst healers. With SS we can come to know what we truly want and align ourselves with that goal. 

How Can SS Help?

With most of socialist philosophy leaning in favour of using money as a means to an end, SS adds the necessary dimension of first knowing what the self wants. There is no denying the fact that we need money to live well and for there to be a good inflow, we need a well-paying job (in other words drive). But does money equal happiness? No it does not and even the hedonists reading this will agree. (If it were, then the richest would be the happiest amongst us and, as we know, this is far from true.) With SS we understand the end, what it means to get there, and how. Acknowledging that money is that necessary tool which can buy expensive, life-saving drugs or is the medium through which a much-needed vacation is materialized is the first step in the direction towards clarity and by extension, knowledge and power. Knowing exactly what it is and what it can do is more important than we realize. Sending contradictory messages to the brain is not going to help matters; in fact, it will only make it worse as chances are that somebody might end up doing nothing and wasting valuable opportunities.

Money Matters

Issues related to money can be intense and emotionally trying. To deal with losses or to live under constant financial constraints can do harmful things to the overall health of the inner self. With SS one comes closer to understanding the inner self, what it wants, and the things that are necessary to get there.

I often wonder what utopia or heaven would look like. Will it be a place where everyone has plenty of everything? Or will it be a place where all things material will cease to be? No one knows. However, what we do know about utopia/heaven, and again this is not a secret, is that it is a state of mind and if a little more money will help, then so be it.



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