Healing Depression, Anxiety, and Confidence through Serenity Surrender

Serenity Surrender Healing can help with Stress, Depression and Anxiety


A Closer Look at the Depression-Anxiety Mix and Lack in Confidence

Statistically, one in four young adults is known to be faced with the above-mentioned conditions before the age of 24. Also, to add further perspective, people exhibiting symptoms belonging to any of these are more prone to becoming susceptible to flu, fever, and other ‘minor’ yet easily-contractible illnesses. While, personally, I think given the stressful lives we lead in today’s day and age, escaping any of these seems to be praiseworthy. How can one stay immune to the pressures exerted over us by the trying conditions we face every day? How do we escape the relentless onslaught of the stresses of competition, of achieving the maximum in the least possible time span, of constantly out-doing ourselves?

The last factor I think is the most disturbing. Aimed to create discontent or a feeling of persisting unease, the fact that the self is being trained to outdo itself each time in order to meet one stringent deadline after another, is truly damaging. Where in this scenario is there time to listen to that little voice in head telling us to slow down? Given the pervasive nature of competition, where is the inclination to focus on the inner self? We, without exception, can not only relate to it but can also empathize.

However, how many of us still pause to rectify our ways? Clinically, depression, anxiety, and confidence-related issues have become one of the most common, recurring, and sometimes if ignored for long, high-risk factors threatening our mental and emotional well-being.


A Few Facts Related to these Issues

In order to understand the conditions better, let us look at the recurring symptoms and reach out for help if necessary:

  • Predominantly described as an imbalance of sorts, the depression-anxiety mix can be identified if one’s mood is persistently sad or low; if this lasts for more than a couple of weeks, help should definitely be sought
  • Often accompanied by low self-esteem, bouts of intense pessimism, guilt, and worthlessness
  • Diminished interest in activities that was previously enjoyable
  • Intense fatigue
  • Difficulty in remembering things
  • Disturbed sleep patterns characterized either by insomnia or oversleeping or even fitful sleeping
  • Often irritability along with restlessness and thoughts of suicide also manifest
  • Most importantly, the body’s immunity is worst hit; a person becomes susceptible to cold, digestive problems, and mysterious pains that do not seem to get better over time with medication


Healing these with Serenity Surrender: A Brief Examination of Two Cases

Case I

In this case it was a gentleman who was experiencing extreme negative emotions to the extent that his body would shake while talking to anyone. His lack of confidence was apparent as his condition did not allow him to either hold a job for a long period of time or to communicate clearly. After the very first session itself he showed vast improvement and has been able to control the tremors and communicate more effectively.

Looking at the severity of his condition, not once did I doubt that Serenity Surrender (SS) was the right healing modality that was required for him. As it is focused on healing issues at the source, or root cause, SS also re-establishes the necessary harmony between mind and body. Not restricted to this person alone, most of us experience this dis-junction and while we may or may not manifest any physical symptoms such as these, the damage is nevertheless intense. Through regular telephone sessions and by choosing to enrol in the course to administer self-healing, the person in question has showed impressive progress. Not only has the shaking reduced, his confidence has improved and now he has a job with which he is happy. As a healer while it was gratifying to see such drastic improvements, it was equally intense to see how the body is controlled by the conscious mind leading it to believe in all the negative information.


Case II

 ‘What we resist, persists’, this will sound familiar to those of us who resist help for an issue that has stayed for a long period of time and has eventually been internalised. Given this, how does one break free of the control that is exerted by the conscious mind over the body to see the issue for what it really is. One of the things specific to SS is the acknowledgement of the way in which the mind, the conscious mind to be specific, controls the body, thereby focuses on connecting with the inner self to hear what it is trying to say.

In the second case I wish to discuss, the lady, also restricted by self-doubt and lack of confidence, was unable to perform the simplest tasks. Her condition was so severe that even while cooking, a process she was well acquainted with, she would suddenly forget what to do next. Limited by self-doubt, she was fearful of picking up her own child afraid she might drop him. While several sessions were done, the impact was visible after the very first session itself. With SS she was able to understand that her conscious mind that had internalised the negative impression was causing her to actually carry it out. She was able to understand the importance of eliminating these negative ideas at the root source in order for it to be completely gone. Today she is active, takes decisions clearly, and manages her house without any difficulty; her personality has improved a great deal and she even participates with her son in extra-curricular activities. However, with her a recurring theme was a relationship issue that need to be resolved, but due to denial was not able to do so. Despite my repeated attempts at trying to get her to resolve this issue as it was clearly impacting her life, it did not happen.

Understanding this was important for me in many ways as letting go is one of the lessons that I have learnt through SS. Unless one is self-motivated to begin the healing journey, I as a healer cannot do much. Through this I realised my own limitation as I can only show my clients the way forward; walking the walk is a decision they have to make.

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