Energy Healing for Pets: High-Impact Outcomes


One cannot tell which animal was the first to be domesticated but as we all know we are dependent on our pets as much as they are on us. As is the case with all relationships, this, too, is complex and those of us who are pet owners know of the stress, anxiety, and exasperation that can sometimes come with the affection, companionship, joy, and security. Many social scientists have researched different aspects of this relationship and, for the purpose of the present article; I will share the benefits from our perspective. The following are some of the main effects that our pets have on us:

The Benefits of Having Pets

  • It is a fact well known that coming home to a grand welcome by our pets can be immensely uplifting. Whether it is a dog, cat, bird, turtle, or in some cases even snakes and spiders, forging an intimate bond with our pets is a deep, self-preserving act. As many psychologists will confirm, there is hardly a better mood elevator for us.
  • On the health front, having a pet can help control blood pressure-related issues as they help us release stress and pent-up negativity.
  • While most of us tend to view responsibility as a burden of sorts eating in to our already-packed schedules, caring for our pets is a major source of carious for our own bodies. The exercise that pet owners’ inevitable get is a good way of adhering to our exercise regimen.
  • A particularly beneficial outcome is that our pets make us more Never has the idiom ‘man is a social animal’ been more relevant than in this scenario. Further, those who are not comfortable with their social skills have known to benefit greatly from having pets.

I do not doubt that this list can be exhaustive; however, it touches upon the basics of the benefits that people with pets experience on a daily basis. Now, given this, is it not obvious to state that just the way our pets impact our moods our behaviour and energy, we, too, have an impact on our pets. I’ve watched movies, read books, and heard numerous stories of how if unwell or in a state of low energy the pet sensing this comes and intervenes, thereby diffusing the negative charge. And sometimes due to the negativity load the pet gets affected and starts mirroring the owner’s action and countenance.

When to Administer Reiki or Energy Healing

We have to be extra cautious about the well-being of our pets.  We must at all times remain alert to the shifts in their mood and behaviour in order to be able to tell whether they are unwell. As is the case with humans, reiki can and should be administered along with a medical treatment if the situation so demands. The following will give you a brief outline about the conditions in which energy healing can be done:

  1. If your pet has had a surgery or is recovering from a serious illness, beaming reiki will accelerate the healing process.
  2. Pets that are fearful, stressed, and anxious need energy healing as it has a calming effect. In our cultural experience, Diwali—the festival of lights—can be immensely stressful for animals with the repercussions lasting for days.
  3. Pets with a weak immune system or the ones that are in pain should be given reiki.
  4. Mothers who have given birth can also be beamed with the healing rays so that the body can bounce back to normal at the earliest.
  5. Perhaps the most difficult but necessary, pets who are terminally ill should be given energy healing so that transitioning becomes easier for them. Sometimes, a terminal pet will resist energy beaming and this decision ought to be respected. Do not force the animal to receive the healing. Just as our body has a mind of its own demanding treatment intuitively, our animals, too, know what is best for them.
  6. Because reiki lends itself more as a way of life than healing per se, pets along with their owners can receive reiki in order to strengthen their bond.

Energy Blockage and How It Impacts Our Pets

We live in an age that is slowly but steadily moving towards quantum science, a view that sees everything as energy, instead of Newtonian science, a view that sees things as matter, thereby reducing the universe to a machine with us as its little pieces performing a set of specific roles and function. As a healer, I no doubt believe in the pervasive presence and power of energy, a life force that constantly surrounds us. Any blockage in this will lead to an imbalance in our being causing illness. Our pets are no different. They, too, are susceptible of negativity and imbalances that manifest in dullness and eventually a sickness. Sometimes loss of appetite, over sleeping, or a persisting itchiness without any medical reason are symptoms of an imbalance which if left unattended can become a cause of concern.

Reiki for Pets

Premised on the notion that the body is capable of self-healing, reiki, often a light-tough technique can foster healing by channelling the energy that surrounds it. Keeping your hands cupped and placing them a few inches above the affected area is one of the most effective ways of beaming energy. Sometimes pets that are restless or fearful can be given energy healing from across the room or even a few inches from above. Birds must not be held in any way while beaming as the energy flow is said to produce a heating effect causing the temperature to temporarily rise. Pets may often fall asleep during the healing as it causes a calming sensation; in this state as the body begins repairing itself, they must be allowed to rest as much as they want.

Living in close proximity can mean many things one of which is how we influence our surroundings. Our pets are our prized extensions; given the nature of this relationship our well-being in some ways ensures the well-being of our pets and all channels leading to this must be preserved.

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