How Does Distance Healing Really Work?


While it is difficult to imagine ourselves outside our physical bodies, we are infinitely more than our exterior. The illusion of restriction that is created by our body is at once easy to understand and challenging to overcome. No other new-age healing modality other than reiki demonstrates this better. This modality uses a light-touch technique in order to replenish the energy loss in the afflicted area, thereby restoring the body’s emotional and physical well-being. Contrary to conventional forms of healing that treat only the symptoms, complete holistic healing requires one to go deep in to one’s mind and establish a connect with the source of the problem. With reiki one not only experiences the flow of positive energy, but also understands oneself as a part of a larger elemental chain. The realization that we are all somehow interconnected is central to the concept of reiki, and the fact that it knows no bounds is based on this. Most of us undoubtedly are familiar with the idea that we are made up of energy; however, few amongst us truly recognize for what it really is and call upon it to troubleshoot problems in our day-to-day lives.

It is not uncommon to be cynical of energy healing and its effectiveness. It’s a normal reaction for the mind to reject anything which it does not understand fully. But as you explore the nuances of energy and our own being you will also understand that the phenomenon of energy healing has actually been proven at a subatomic level through a variety of scientific experiments. Benefits are undoubtedly felt by individuals separated even far across the world to healing administered.

What is distance healing? What does it entail?

Essentially, distance healing takes place when the recipient is not physically present and barring this, everything else, especially the transmission, remains the same. Also known as absent healing, distance treatment, remote treatment, distance treatment, etc. some healers consider the ‘mapping’ or the physical presence of the recipient unnecessary.

Energy healing does not function in the confines of time and space as the physical world we are used to does. It is based on focus and intent and a higher connection between the individual and the healer. Hence the concept of how far you are from the healer holds no meaning as long as the healer has the right focus and intent to heal the issue you are dealing with. This same focus and intent must also be exercised by the energy receiver to actually have an effective session and outcome.

How is distance reiki practiced?

Reiki practitioners who have reached a more-advanced level learn and receive three symbols one of which is the ‘distance symbol’ which when invoked is used to help reiki energy cross the boundaries of time and space. Widely understood as a channel, this symbol is used to connect the healer’s energy with the energy of the recipient; and when it is used personally, that is, in the presence of the recipient, it helps clear various blockages. In a few of my sessions, these blockages were carry overs from past lives of the recipient which were interfering with their growth in the present life.

For Whom Is It Beneficial?

Distance reiki is useful for those who are unable to come to the session to receive the energy themselves. More often than not, either due to distance or illness, people are unable to attend the session. Distance reiki can be used on:

  1. Because reiki is also a way of life, anyone who wishes to enhance positivity, health, and general well-being, may ask for reiki energy to be beamed.
  2. Distance healing can also be designated to a loved one for which it is recommended that consent must first be sought.
  3. Reiki can also be administered to pets, especially if they are undergoing treatment.

Making your distance healing more effective

As an energy receiver it is important that you understand how you can ensure the effectiveness of your session.

  • For effective healing ensure you give the healer permission to heal you
  • Fix a specific time to receive healing and ensure you are in a comfortable position to be able to receive it and are not distracted by other activities
  • Healing must be done with a focus on the issue at hand and a communication between the client and healer before the session is essential – Take time to have a proper discussion before any healing takes place.

As the times change we are advancing in many ways and at the same time our advancement is also making us realize the benefits of many modalities which may have been lost from the past. Distance Energy healing is definitely one such option we all have access to as individuals and it is up to us to identify how we want to resolve it.

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