Reiki Healing Training

Reiki, pronounced as ‘Rey-Kay’, has been consistently gaining recognition in the sphere of health and conditioning.
Reiki as a modality can help individuals immensely as it is a journey of self-learning and development. As wellness practitioners and healers Reiki is one of the go to practices to help balance a client’s energy and facilitate them to heal their issues.

Reiki healing courses make you more attuned to the key issues in your life and those of others, thereby finding solutions to them. Reiki training courses empower individuals, healers and practitioners alike. They enable them to gauge the exact causes of the issues, as well as help devise solutions to facilitate their wellness and growth.

Reiki has many variations and each one has a specific methodology but the underlying principles are the same. Properly delivered, structured and scheduled Reiki healing courses can foster the overall wellness of an individual, and introduce them to an altogether different school of thought. Reiki uses massage, acupressure, polarity, counselling and many other healing methods, sometimes within a single session or as required. The ‘life force’ energy is healed by a hands-on technique to bring relaxation and immunity while speeding up the healing process.

Reiki healing works as a personal healing method which allows an individual to have a healthier mind and body. It helps strengthen and heighten the natural abilities and intuitive sense of an individual, and can be recognised as a personal empowerment tool. The conscious and subconscious mind is ventured into within the process, which helps heal many issues and fears that may stay unknown, at the back of the mind.

Various Reiki training courses are initiated by WellthLink to foster a healthy and a happy life and to promote wellness in people.