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Regression Therapy

Past life regression therapy as a healing art, recognizes itself as a technique through which an individual can re-assess or re-experience his or her past life. The practitioner uses hypnosis as a means to discover the past life or the incarnation of the person.

Past life therapy healing works as a medium to release past life complications as well as patterns, that should have been no longer existing. The past life journey is usually undertaken when any individual is in search of a spiritual experience or a cure to their physical or emotional illnesses. Hypnosis is used as a time capsule to travel through one’s history. It works on the motive of finding not just the happenings of the past life, but also the primary source of the problems that the patient is facing in the present life.

Regression functions as a cycle. Re-living or identifying memories is the first step, transmission or the bliss of going between the lives is the second, the release or catharsis is the third and finally comes the integration of the experience. When a proper understanding and wisdom is gained and assessed with one’s current life, it marks the key to closure. Discover more about the Past Life Regression Therapy with Wellthlink.