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Pranic Healing

Prana, also known as the “life-force,” is an invisible and vital energy which is responsible for keeping the body alive and the spirits in good health. Pranic healing is a form of an alternative healing procedure, which helps in repairing the ailments of the body through the use of Prana. This alternate method is considered as both art as well as science. The Pranic healing practitioner manipulates the patient’s energy field and tries to remove all the complexities of the field along with transferring fresh energy through the use of the hands. This method operates on the procedure of no touch healing.

The Pranic healing treatment conveys a fundamental principle that the human body is a self-repairing entity, and the soul energy is enough to heal itself from any physical or emotional infirmities. The Pranic healing treatment helps in curing all the physical, mental and emotional ailments, from a headache to severe tuberculosis, to severe depression or disorder.

The practitioners require no physical associations with the subject, that is, the patient, but just the soul. The aim is to balance our physical, emotional, mental or spiritual bodies. Hence, the pranic healing repairs the aura of the energy which interpenetrates the physical body of the patient because the physical ailments tend to disturb the energy body foremost, rather than the physical body of an individual.

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