Pranic Healing Training

Pranic Healing uses “Prana” or life-force energy to harmonize and balance the energy processes of an individual’s body. The invisible life-force energy is responsible for proper health and at large, the survival of an individual. Pranic Healing is a no-touch healing process which works on the principal of our body being a self-repairing identity. Whenever the life-force increases, the body’s healing process accelerates.

Pranic healing classes are now recognised as a valuable tool to an individual and can help resolve many issues. Learnings can be applied in the daily routines to relieve stress and anxiety. It is possible and feasible for this healing method to work together and compliment the other medical treatments. Pranic healing works like ‘healing with energy’ with our own energy, or sometimes with another’s energy, without any physical healing or a touch. Pranic healing training have been included in their practice by medical practitioners as well to enhance the treatment they provide. It helps in resolving chronic pains and various bodily ailments.

WellthLink aims to increase the awareness with each individual about how Pranic healing and other healing methods can help reduce stress issues and hypertension among other issues.

WellthLink promotes the concept and various techniques of Pranic healing through initiating specialised Pranic healing classes in Delhi and NCR.