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Life Coaching

There come times of severe stress and tensions, when people are unable to address their issues and need a little help to come out from their problems. Since processes like mentoring and consulting concern specific situations, life coaching is an altogether different process which can partake larger aspects of life. Situations like business successes and failures, general life issues, professional and personal relationships can be addressed with a little bit of detail and care.

Life Coaching aims to establish a give and take relationship between a life coach expert and the patient/client, so as to let the expert take control of the complicated situations in the patient’s life. The objective is to ask right questions at the right time, with the right techniques, to empower the patient to find the answers within him/her.

Wellthlink provides life coaching training with an aim to let the patient discover what is the best for him/her. The life coach expert channelizes energy in the patient, to ensure that the patient rediscovers and self-explores his fears, phobias, and other life issues. This renders positivity in the environment around the patient, by guiding the inner strength and channelizing it towards holistic development, career growth, and personal life transformations.